Hikvision CCTV NVR in Dubai & UAE

The network-based surveillance solutions have made surveillance more attractive to the business and homes around the world. It may be required to store and access high-quality images produced by the IP surveillance system for future purposes. NVR serves the purpose of recording and saving high-quality data that is captured through the IP cameras. Network Video Recorder (NVR) manages the network-based video surveillance efficiently and reliably. Being a component of the IP networks, NVR can be remotely managed and accessed through the local network or internet.

Hikvision is recognized as the masters in the Security Surveillance systems and the Hikvision NVR is also no exception. Enriched with multiple functions, it is designed to achieve maximum performance for the successful management of videos. Due to its enriched features, it is more compliant to the varied business environments and the support to third party cameras and high-resolution video recording makes it a good choice. Crimson Technologies is skilled in offering the best practices of security surveillance implementation with Hikvision products.

Hikvision comes with High-end Network Video recorders that support other party IP cameras as well. As to improve the existing surveillance systems, Hikvision always strives to come with the advanced NVRs. The innovative approach helps the organization to establish an advanced surveillance network for their own particular needs. The series includes the High-End NVR, Embedded plug and play NVR and all-in-one NVR.

High-End NVR

This series of NVR can access third-party cameras while supporting up to different megapixel resolution recording. It supports HDD quota and group management.

Embedded plug and play NVR

This series of NVR comes with the software installed versions and has the feature of plug and play. With this facility, the installation process can be completed in a reduced time.

All-in-one NVR

In addition to the general features of NVR, it combines with a surveillance monitor that can perform the functions of recording.

A major change in technology is taking place in Dubai. The city is fond of accepting technological advances in the security surveillance field as well. With ease and power, IP networks have made life easy for many organizations. The benefits business is getting is in terms of cost and functionality. Crimson Technologies promises a high performing IP surveillance system in Dubai with the Hikvision IP cameras and NVRs. Our operations are not focused in Dubai only but are focused in other emirates too. It includes Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain, and Ajman.

We are considered as the leading CCTV provider in Dubai, UAE. We at Crimson Technologies are here to help you with designing and installing an envisioned security surveillance system.

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