Hikvision DVR in Dubai

The strong need in the surveillance market signifies that there is still a huge demand for analog surveillance systems and products. In the digital age, apart from being the system is cost-effective, the functionalities and features it extends remains a question of the doubt for many. IP video surveillance is indeed becoming dominant by offering high-quality videos, images, and remote monitoring. But with the introduction of DVR, the notion towards analog systems has changed much. DVR enables the system to convert the analog CCTV video signals to digital.

Moreover, it offers the features of remote monitoring, easy and quick searches, great storage, and much more. In the early years, the footages had been recorded and stored on the videotapes as opposed to disks. But now the strategy of storing the videos on a videotape is not all effective.

For the business who are not willing to change to the IP surveillance and wish to view the videos in digital quality, DVR is a good solution.

Well known for its security surveillance products, Hikvision is always surprising the market with a wide range of products. Hikvision DVR is also the same as that of other products. It is enriched with features that take your analog CCTV cameras to the digital age. With years of experience in implementing varied types of CCTV installation in Dubai, we at Crimson Technologies know what products are required to complete a successful security installation.

Hikvision comes in various models and it includes Turbo HD DVR, Standalone DVR, and Mobile DVR.

Turbo HD DVR

Introducing the developments in CCTV, the Hikvision Turbo HD DVR range features the latest technology that makes it possible the highest resolution (720p and 1080P) over the legacy Coax cable. These DVRs are compatible with the traditional analog cameras of the Hikvision camera range.

Mobile DVR

The mobile DVR series offers powerful monitoring functionalities such as video encoding and decoding, secure data storage, etc. It can work as a standalone DVR where it can collaborate with other devices to build a better surveillance system. It has additional features of good stability and less power consumption. It can be utilized for optimal surveillance.

Crimson Technologies is reckoned as the experts in the successful deployment of CCTV security systems in Dubai. The service we operate includes not only in Dubai but is also operational in the regions of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, and Ajman. Surveillance has become a necessity for most of the organizations. Installing a complete security system is necessary, which not only increases productivity but also keeps a check on your assets. With the Hikvision products, Crimson Technologies can deliver solutions to all kinds of industries and businesses. Apart from the DVRs and network products, Hikvision presents other range of security products as well which can be best utilized for designing a complete CCTV security system in Dubai.

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