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Network Solutions, Dubai

Computer Networking is our specialty. Trusted to manage computer network for over a hundred companies in Dubai, our certified network engineers are experienced in the design, installation, and servicing of local and wide area networks. In addition, we run office cabling, install internet access, connect home or branch offices, and provide consulting on network security. We can be on call for problems with the day to day operations of your Servers, PCs or Networks.

Office Relocation & Expansions

We are an experienced provider of network “disconnect/ reconnect” service for companies of all sizes. Our staff will help you pack up your old networks, computers, and peripherals in an orderly fashion and quickly and efficiently set them up at your new office. Call us on 04-3495-300 during business hours for a free consultation and estimate.


We have decades of experience in installing a variety of different types of cables. We install computer, telephone & home theater cabling. We can be your one-stop for all your cabling needs.

Internet Access

We can provide you with fast & secure, company-wide, High-speed Internet access. We can install DSL, Fiber Cable, or T1 in your home or office. We coordinate the entire installation so you can focus on your business.

Network Security Consulting

Did you know that when your company’s internal network is connected to the internet, company data and security could be compromised? Our team of security experts will close those holes and secure your network using firewalls and data encryption. Steps must be taken to lock down the network. An effective plan helps assure that only authorized users can get into your network.

These are some of the Security Threats that are also troublesome and we can help prevent:

  • Unauthorized access to your network
  • Data theft
  • System Damage from E-mail Spam, Spyware or Computer Viruses
  • Accidental deletion of program, data or configuration files
  • Modification of existing systems & equipment

Cellular Wireless

We are a wireless solutions provider offering custom design to fully meet the mobile communications needs of our clients. We can supply, integrate, and support cellular handheld devices (Android, Apple, Blackberry), cellular broadband, as well as other mobile communications products.

Remote Computer Access – VPN

We can connect your Local or Branch Offices together to share important company data. In addition, we can also set you up to fully have access to your office computer network from home. This way you have access to your computer files when you are out of the office.

A Proactive Approach to Network Consulting Services

Technology breaks – everyone knows that. But the frequency of system downtime, business disruptions, and ‘network firefighting’ can be minimized by a best-practices, proactive approach that includes 24×7 monitoring, regular system checks, documented checklists, and regular maintenance.

We understand that everyone and every business is affected by the current economic crisis. We know that IT budgets are at an all-time low and that some initiatives are on-hold or are being re-evaluated because of cost.

But proactive network support doesn’t need to suffer during periods of tight budgets. Through the stabilization and consolidation of your networking environment, increasing productivity and higher efficiencies, and a proactive approach to network management, lower costs can be attained. We’ve managed to accomplish this for our existing clients – and we are confident we can do it for you.

Network Services – Proactive Approach to Lower Cost of Ownership

We recognize that most IT support Dubai firms have similar looking offerings. They talk about ‘maintenance’ or ‘monitoring’ or ‘vaulting’ or a dozen other buzzwords that their marketing folks told them to throw in. So we need to be different – and we are. We offer a free onsite consultation – who is also a business analyst. Our specialist engineers are business people first – and will be happy to consult with you about your existing environment, your current approach to IT management, and on ways to improve your network and support model, and your implementation of available technology.

Additionally, offer very competitive package rates, and a wide variety of service plans – from small, block-hours arrangements, to desktop-only support services, to regularly scheduled support visits, to no-obligation break-fix support, and remote monitoring/help desk packages. Chances are, we have a program that will work for you – and if we don’t, let us know – and we will create one for you. That’s our #1 priority – customer satisfaction.

Our proactive network support and smart IT ‘analysis’ operates on a very simple premise – that being penny-wise and pound-foolish is not a smart way to manage IT. As an example of our approach – spending five hours fixing a three-year-old laptop that has seen better days is something we don’t do as an ‘automatic’ (too many of our competitors would happily do this, and count on repeat business when the unit fails again) – rather, we would examine the cost of replacement with you – and determine if a new unit is warranted.

This philosophy holds throughout our support programs: that systematic, regular maintenance of a network is required, much as an oil change is required in a car. And that if done properly, the cost of ownership of that network, over time, will be much lower and your productivity much higher, than if it was ignored and patched with band-aids whenever a problem arises.

Hardware and Software Procurement

Procurement of the right technology can be a difficult task. Where can you get the best price for IT Support in Dubai? What type of warranty do you need? Which vendors stand behind their products? Over the years, We have dealt with countless products, from a wide variety of vendors. We partner with industry-leading solutions companies, and always offer at least one alternative to our clients in any product category. Need a firewall? We can offer Cisco, Sonicwall, Juniper. Need a server? HP, Dell, IBM. Never will we steer our clients into ‘preferred’ vendors that pay us a flat fee for the referral business. Any discount we get from our suppliers (due to volume purchases and preferred vendor status) are passed onto our clients. And if you want to procure hardware yourself, we will assist you, at no charge, in making sure that you get the right systems with the correct configurations.

Whether you prefer to do your procurement or prefer to have us do that for you, we’re here to assist you.

Core Networking Support Services

Our core network support services include the following:

  • LAN design/redesign, implementation, and maintenance
  • Server Installations/Upgrades/Migrations/Maintenance
  • Internet security and monitoring (firewall and web filtering)
  • Implementation of Network Topology & IP Infrastructure Engineering
  • Router, Switch and Firewall trouble-shooting including Cisco Products
  • Network Administration
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Terminal Services & Remote Access (RAS) Solutions
  • Backup and recovery implementations (Veritas, ARCserve & hardware solutions)
  • Company-wide Anti-virus and Anti-spam Solutions (Norton Corp. Edition, McAfee Corp., Panda)
  • WAN connectivity (branch connectivity via T1 or VPN)
  • Broadband & Telco Line Troubleshooting (DSL, Cable Modem, ISDN, T1, Fractional T, Frame Relay)
  • Technology Project Implementation
  • Category 5e, 6 and 7 Data Cable Installation

Call us on 04-3495-300 today and find out how good outsourced IT support firms can truly be.

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