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Access Control System Installation Dubai

Crimson Technologies offers complete Access Control Solutions: We design, install and maintain electronic locks and access systems in Dubai. Whether you need a basic wall-mounted proximity card reader, or a sophisticated biometric or fingerprint entry system with time and attendance, we offer the most comprehensive range of access control and biometric products on the market. Access control systems are essential to your company’s security. These systems allow you to manage who has access to certain areas of your property and monitor the status of your building’s entries. We specialize in integrating new security technologies into your existing network. Our goal: Creating an Integrated System That Operates Harmoniously.

Integrated Access Control Systems

Does your property already have an existing access control or security system? If so, a new or updated system must integrate with your existing hardware. We specialize in integrating new security technologies into your existing network. Our goal: Creating an integrated system that operates harmoniously.

We Offer:

New Hardware:

We install new card readers, keypads, and/or other access readers into your existing system.

Updated System Architecture:

We can repair or simplify your existing system, improve wired connections, add new capabilities, and resolve faulty installations.

Expanding Your Existing System:

We can help scale up an existing system, adding card readers to new doors, and linking them to your existing control panel.

Wireless Linking:

We can connect offline systems to the web. This allows a range of capabilities like Flexible Reporting, full online help, alarm monitoring, and time and attendance reporting.

Wireless Access Control Service Include:

  • Multisite Management
  • Management Reports
  • Access Cards, Biometric Readers and
  • Keypad Readers
  • Web-Hosted and Local Platforms
  • CCTV and Video Analytics Integration
  • Lease and Financing Available
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Lockout

Access Control Systems offer the perfect combination of Security and Convenience by preventing or allowing access to sensitive areas of your building, office, or business space.

From standalone solutions suitable for small offices, residential building or retail stores, to complex systems suitable for multi-door and multi-site installations for larger offices, businesses, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and more, we will provide a safe and secure environment for your employees, tenants, data and physical assets across your facility.

We invite you to contact our Access Control experts here at Crimson Technologies for more information about our end-to-end design, planning, installation, and maintenance services for keyless entry systems.

Access Control systems ensure best-in-class security, safety, and privacy while acting as a substantial deterrent against damage, theft, and vandalism – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

  • Establish protocol, enable or revoke access rights instantly
  • Obtain real-time monitoring control of entry and exit points
  • Increase workplace productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced costs resulting from theft, property damage and loss of business reputation
  • Limit access to hazardous areas to help meet health and safety requirements
  • Track frequency and location by specific users and visitors within the facility
  • Provide alarm events upon unauthorized access or doors left unsecured
  • Provide convenience for employees to enter premises via their smartphone
  • Remote 24/7 access control management via mobile or web app
  • Integratable with video surveillance, alarm system & other software

Common features of Access Control Systems

Ease of Use and Flexibility

Having a control system in place that is difficult to use can be a huge time and energy waster. Choose an access control system that is both easy to use and powerful enough to handle your access control needs. Having the ability to easily make changes to cardholder records and run report data is key.


Some access control systems can be integrated with other security protocols, such as intrusion alarms and video systems, so everything can be managed with one software solution – simplifying the management of all three.

Backups and Reporting

You’ll want to choose a system that offers the level of reporting data that is right for your organization. A good access control system will essentially keep a log of who was where, when – a database will store all card and key-in data per entry point with the time and date. This goes back also to ease of use, but running a detailed report of the log data easily should be a priority. If you need to know who went through door B at 10 pm last Tuesday, it should be easy to find that information, and quickly.

Gathering this data is for nothing if it is not backed up regularly. Be sure your access control system software either has an integrated scheduled backup or have a secondary backup system in place.

Operational Efficiency

Employees typically don’t need any special training on the use of electronic lock systems, and employers don’t have to contend with rekeying locks when an employee loses, breaks, or steals a hard key. Employees don’t need to worry about a handful of keys and keeping track of which key works for what. The administration is typically straightforward and convenient – access privileges can be added, modified, or revoked quickly as needed.

Improved Customer Experience

Electronic access systems allow the sales force, bank personnel, nurses, and pharmacists to access restricted items more immediately, without making the consumer wait while items are retrieved by the one person with a hard key. Customer satisfaction increases while customer turnover time decreases.

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