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Whether you want to surf the internet or want to quickly connect with your family & friends via any chat mediums, a web browser is a universally shared way of displaying the information on a web page. It is essentially a gateway between your computer and the internet. Among the several different browsers – Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., you can choose of your own, get it downloaded from the internet and finally install it on your computer, for free.

Browser, are tools of modern times, which let you effectively connect to the internet. Browsers come with a wide range of options that can be tailored to your preference and provide you with an intuitive experience along with other essential features like security, simplicity, speed, privacy, customization, and signing in.

Different types of browsers are used worldwide by a huge number of net users like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and more. It is incredibly annoying to be interrupted in the middle of work by some technical problems of your browser.

Tech support for Chrome

Indisputably, Chrome is fastest among contemporary and modern browsers, but do you know the many hidden features, which makes Chrome the undisputed king? For example, you can drag your downloading files directly to the browser, you can also use a calculator at the address bar and bookmarks can be synchronized with Google accounts, you can retrieve it from anywhere and any device, and much more. You have a problem, we have a solution for you. Just contact us at 04-3495-300 and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced Google Chrome technicians and sort out every technical difficulty in Chrome.

Tech support for Microsoft Edge (Earlier Internet Explorer)

We provide a high-end solution for all your technical needs for Microsoft Edge or its earlier version – Internet explorer. The most common problem that our users face are difficulties with pop-ups and pop-up blockers or enabling or disabling JavaScript. However, these are basic issues, which can be solved through simple navigation, if needed, immediate professional help will be provided. Apart from this, there may be many reasons for browser crashes, slowness, and downloading. We Crimson Technologies understand your need and offer you the best solutions at the best price. Contact us at 04-3495-300 and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced browser technicians and sort out every technical difficulty you are facing in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

Tech Support for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading web browsers in the market that focuses on privacy and security for its users. It emphasizes not tracking its users for remarketing and ads. If you are using Firefox, then make most of it by exploring many embedded features. Surely it will make your work much easier. For any query or concern in Firefox, call us at 04-3495-300 and one of our experienced browser technicians will help you sort out your browser issues so you can enjoy uninterrupted web surfing.

Tech support for Opera

Initially, Opera was floated in the market to target Mobile users and extended its business to multi-device. Many times, we have analyzed that users are still using the older version of Opera, they haven’t upgraded it for ages. Speed dial and bookmark remained untouched from the users. Subsequently, their firewall protection and security measures also increased, which annoyed many users. To understand the complexity of it, we made a team of Opera Support Tech professionals and trained them at the level of excellence. Just call us at 04-3495-300 and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced browser technicians.

Tech support for Safari

A browser plays a crucial role in browsing, most often slowness of internet speed arises due to default browser setting or bad browser settings, a layman user will mostly attribute this to their internet service provider for bad service and slow internet speeds. But this slowness in accessing web pages could be due to bad browser settings. To ease access, we have created a team of dedicated Safari support technicians who have vast expertise with browsers as they have handled thousands of issues over their careers. You won’t need to worry about security and protection trouble in your system. Just call us at 04-3495-300 and we will put you in touch with our Apple safari support team.

We give following Support for All Browser Issues:

  • Download and Upgrade Support
  • Setup and Installation error
  • Crashing error
  • Cookies and history cleaning assistance
  • Unable to load a web page
  • Web browser not responding
  • Security and protection assistance, setting a firewall
  • Unable to open PDF files in the browser
  • 404 error frequently displayed while accessing websites
  • Unable to clear cache and cookies
  • SSL certificate error
  • Issues in reinstalling the browser
  • Google and extension setting help
  • “Print” command is not running on the browser
  • Pop-up Blocker & Flash Player Support
  • Protection from harmful sites
  • and many more…

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