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Emails are essential in various fields of work and for effective day-to-day communications of any business. Do you have an email account? If not, then connect with the experts at Crimson Technologies. Our experts will help you to set up your email account within a couple of minutes – both personal and business. Perhaps, you have an email account but not well aware of its multiple features like auto-respond features for when you are away from work or forwarding features to forward all your mail from multiple accounts to one account. Then, you might be losing your valuable time and customizing some simple settings of your email account can save you precious time. You can save a good amount of time once you know how to use various features of email. This is what our highly qualified email service providers at Crimson Technologies are there for. Call us at 04-34495-30 to avail of our email support services.

Applications of Our Email Support Services:

You can avail of the following support services for your email account:

Setting up personal or business email

We can set up a personal email for you on one of the many email service providers which focus on various features like customization, services and privacy, and security. Depending on your need we will suggest and set up a personal email for you. We can also set up a business email for your website or your company (eg. [email protected]).

Import and Export of Data Files and Settings

The import and export of data files can become essential regardless of the email service you are using. Sometimes you might need to export settings from another email account. Every email service has a separate process for these import and export activities. So, if you are having difficulties, then get in touch with our experts.

Setting up Meeting Schedule and Blocking the Calendar

There are certain benefits of setting up meeting schedules with emails. Thus, users prefer to schedule a meeting via their email account. You can need this for setting up an interview, exploring a new project with a prospect, or following up on a business lead as well. In doing so, both the sender and receiver can later refer to the email for details of the meeting. So, let us help you in case you don’t know how to ask for a meeting via email.

On the other hand, you can even block out/off time in your email calendar. For instance, you are about to take a vacation for the next two weeks. So, you can block the Off time from the calendar of your email account. Moreover, you might want to customize meeting requests to your coworkers’ calendar without affecting the free time. In case you don’t have an idea of how to do this work, then contact us.

Built-in Calendar and Reminder

Perhaps you know that every email service comes with a built-in calendar. This calendar is useful for your day to day work. So, if you have higher chances of forgetting things quickly, then set reminders to fix appointments with your clients, employees, or friends. Also, if you don’t know how to use calendars and set reminders, then we can help you out.

Shared Drive Integration

Shared drives help you to store, search, and access files with a team. Shard drive files belong to a team instead of an individual. Due to any reason, if a member leaves the group, then also the file stays in place for others. Thus, the entire team can share these files from any device and anywhere. Approach us if integrating with the shared drive appears to be difficult and you need a little help with it.

Auto Reply and Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are on holiday, then you can easily enable auto-reply for emails entering your inbox. You can thereby inform people that you are unable to respond to their messages at this moment. Most users are unaware of how to send auto-replies to multiple senders simultaneously. In case you too have the same issue, then reach to our professionals who will help you out with it.

Keyboard shortcuts enable users to carry out functions instantly within a short time. There is a specific keyboard shortcut for each activity in your email account. We can help you with each shortcut and simplify your work.

Online and Offline Email Service

It is not possible to stay connected to the internet. Even some places lie beyond the range of internet connection. So, if you can access your account in offline mode, then you can check your emails inaccessible areas as well. Moreover, there won’t be a problem if the internet connection is disrupted suddenly.

Configuration of New Email Account

You might already have an account in a particular email service. Now, you want to add another account to this email service. There will be synchronizing issues in case you fail to configure the account correctly. We can be at your service.

Creating Sub Folders and Filtering Spams

All email services allow users to create subfolders for their convenience. You can even divide your emails into different subfolders to make them easily accessible when required. It also lets your account look more organized.

There is a spam folder in your email account where unpredictable emails from suspicious sources are collected. However, you can’t guarantee that the suspicious emails will enter the spam folder only. Some users complain that spam emails are getting into their inbox. Thus, it becomes difficult to pick up spam emails from the list of emails in your inbox. So, you can activate spam filters to automatically identify emails entering your account and sending them directly to the spam folder.

Setting Meeting Schedule to Group

Not all email services, but some of them allow users to schedule meetings directly from their email messages. In this way, you can easily send a meeting request to a group of people. Then, your email service will automatically track which of the recipients have accepted the meeting request and reserved tie on their calendars. While creating a meeting schedule, you can add attachments, set a location, and select a time for your meeting.

Connecting with POP and IMAP Server

IMAP and POP refer to the incoming server settings of your email service provider. Whereas, SMTP is outgoing server settings. These settings are necessary when you try to add your account with another email service. Sometimes passwords are needed while adding your email account to a smart device like a home security camera. To do so, follow too many steps. As a result, it might seem difficult for you to do all alone. Hence, you can use our guidance.

Connectivity Assistance

We can guide if you are unable to access or sync your email account on any device. Perhaps, your device can’t recognize your account and prevent you from sending and receiving emails. Avail of our assistance to avoid such problems.

Saving Contacts and Creating To-Do Bar

Like many other users, you might be unable to save contacts in your email account. Unless you save contacts, the email service won’t be able to distinguish between normal and spam emails. Therefore, saving email addresses as contacts is the safest way to ensure that the required emails that are entering your inbox.

Apart from this, the to-do bar is a pane that you can be added to your email account. This feature is available for desktops and computers only. So, if you enable the to-do bar, then it will display the upcoming calendar events, your tasks list, or your important contacts.

Creating Rules and Alert to Email

Certain email services like Outlook offer rules for managing and organizing emails. For example, you can add rules for saving messages to a specific folder. Now, the process varies with the email version that you are using.

It is possible to enable alerts in your email account for your convenience. But, you can also wish to remove the email notification box from the taskbar. In case you face any difficulties in doing so, then connect with us.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Email Service at Your Fingertips:

Crimson Technologies is quite an established name for IT support and technical services and email support is one of them. We quickly respond to service requests of our clients and if customers want, then our experts interact with them at any point in time and solve their queries. We are preferred for our instant and affordable services. Moreover, we conduct a periodical follow up to ensure that our customers are working effortlessly. Thus, if you are looking for email support services, then give a call at 04-3495-300.

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